Weddings & Parties

Popcorn makes a great wedding or party favor.  Our small 2oz bags of Caramel Popcorn or Caramel Crab Popcorn are the most popular items.  They are perfectly portioned for individual servings and make a great snack at the end of the night, sure to recall everyone's fond beach memories.  If you're looking for something a little bigger, perhaps for out of town guests to snack on in their hotel rooms, our plastic tubs, or festive quart tins are also great options.  We are often asked about popcorn bars with large open bowls of popcorn.  We strongly discourage people from doing this because in open bowls, popcorn will go stale quickly.  Prepackaged popcorn in airtight containers are the best and importantly, the easiest option.  Feel free to call us with any questions.

  • Medium Bags of Fisher's Popcorn

    Fisher's Popcorn

    Medium Popcorn Bags - By The Case

    Medium 5oz Popcorn bags are a great option for a larger format gift or favor than our smaller 2oz bags.  If you're doing out of town guest bags for a wedding, or need teacher gifts for school these are what you need. They have a zipper so they...

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  • small popcorn bags for weddings and party favors

    Fisher's Popcorn

    Small Popcorn Bags - By The Case

    Everybody loves an easy quick snack and what could be better than a bag of Fisher's Popcorn to fill your tummy. Portion Control Snacks School Lunches Wedding Favors Party Gifts Small bags of our Caramel or Caramel Dusted with Crab Spice Popcorn...

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  • 1 Quart Maryland Popcorn Tin

    Fisher's Popcorn

    1 Quart Maryland Tin

    Maryland, My Maryland! This classy can, bordered with the bold colors of the State flag and topped with a bright red lid, depicts beautiful Maryland symbols and places of interest east and west of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Maryland landmarks, nature,...

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