1. Why are there two websites for Fisher's Popcorn?

2. Is Fisher's Popcorn gluten free?

3. Why did you make Fisher's Popcorn gluten free?

4. How long will Fisher's Popcorn stay fresh?

5. What kind of oil do you use to pop your popcorn?

6. Can I eat your popcorn if I have a peanut allergy?

7. Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

8. Do you offer a military discount?

9. Do you offer expedited or overnight shipping?

10. Why does shipping cost more than my popcorn?

11. I see Fisher's Popcorn in the grocery store. Is that the same stuff you sell here?

12. Can I bring my tub or can back to your store to be refilled?


1. There are two branches of Fisher's Popcorn owned by separate members of the Fisher family.  The stores in Delaware, and the wholesale operation is owned by one branch, and this is the website for that company.  The Ocean City boardwalk store is owned by the other branch of the Fisher family and their website is www.fisherspopcorn.com


2. Everything we sell is gluten free. There is no gluten inherent in corn, and none of our other ingredients contain gluten.


3. Our popcorn has been gluten free since 1937. We were gluten free before it was hip.


4. The official shelf life for an unopened airtight container of our popcorn is 1 year. We've never heard of anyone leaving our popcorn on the shelf that long though. Once it's opened though, the clock starts ticking. Air is the enemy of popcorn and it can go stale quickly, especially in humid environments. As long as you put the lid back on though, you're good to go. Just don't leave it sitting open.


5. The popcorn we use for our caramel based flavors is all air popped, meaning there is no oil. The popcorn is tumbled in a dry drum over heat until it pops. Our Butter, White Cheddar, and Kettle Corn are all popped in pure coconut oil.


6. We store and handle peanuts in all of our facilities. We do use separate equipment to make our Caramel Peanut Popcorn, but it is in the same room, and there is risk for cross contamination. Ultimately, it depends on the severity of your allergy. If you're unsure, the safe choice is to stay away unfortunately.


7. We absolutely do ship to APO and FPO addresses. All of the addresses entered into our website are standardized and validated. This does not always work smoothly for APO and FPO addresses, so we encourage you to call us directly to place your order at 888-436-6388


8. We do not offer a military discount directly, but when shipping to APO and FPO addresses, we will send additional popcorn with the order free of charge. The recipients always love this because they are able to share their popcorn with their friends.


9. We do offer expedited shipping. We only list it on our website during peak shipping times like Christmas because more often than not it is a waste of money. Orders going via Fedex Ground to anywhere in DE, MD, NJ, most of PA, and most of VA only take 1 business day anyway, so paying 5x the price for overnight shipping is a waste. That said if your situation requires expedited shipping, we will be glad to accommodate you, simply call us to place your order at 888-436-6388.


10. We are very transparent with our shipping costs. We charge the exact amount that Fedex charges us to ship. That said, Fedex has a minimum charge per package that when dealing with many of our low cost items is more than the popcorn itself. We hate this. We hate to see people pay $10 to ship $6 worth of popcorn. Our recommendation is to stock up when you order. It will cost the same to ship that small bucket of popcorn as it will to ship 6 large buckets. With a 1 year shelf life, it makes sense to buy more and save it than buy just a little bit.


11. Yes! All of the popcorn you see sold by retailers is made right in our Fenwick and Rehoboth stores. When we're not busy in the off season and during non-peak times in the summer you will often see us packing our popcorn to ship off to retailers. It tastes just as good as it does when you get it at the beach.
12. Yes! We encourage people to bring back their containers to be refilled. We discount your refill by the cost of the container, which is $1.00 for the tubs, and a varying amount for the tins. This helps save plastic and consequently the environment.